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Shirts & Tops

Our latest collection features bold tops, whether adorned with hand-embroidered details, striking graphics, or vibrant hand-painted accents.

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Grape ShirtGrape Shirt
Grape Shirt Sale price€495,00
Spray ShirtSpray Shirt
Spray Shirt Sale price€620,00
Fiorda Shirt
Fiorda Shirt Sale price€450,00
Spider ShirtBaziszt, Lookbook Spring Summer 2024, Spider Shirt
Spider Shirt Sale price€340,00
Birday ShirtBirday Shirt
Birday Shirt Sale price€745,00
Sold outCobalt Shirt
Cobalt Shirt Sale price€325,00
White Snow Shirt
White Snow Shirt Sale price€310,00
Losange Shirt
Losange Shirt Sale price€295,00
Nichen ShirtNichen Shirt
Nichen Shirt Sale price€595,00
Moojet Shirt
Moojet Shirt Sale price€545,00
Zaman ShirtZaman Shirt
Zaman Shirt Sale price€635,00
Belail ShirtBelail Shirt
Belail Shirt Sale price€513,00
Richa ShirtRicha Shirt
Richa Shirt Sale price€325,00
Qacha ShirtQacha Shirt
Qacha Shirt Sale price€365,00
Sold outTalilo ShirtTalilo Shirt
Talilo Shirt Sale price€325,00
Diamonds Shirt
Diamonds Shirt Sale price€555,00
Worksand Shirt
Worksand Shirt Sale price€465,00
View ShirtView Shirt
View Shirt Sale price€745,00
Raffia Shirt
Raffia Shirt Sale price€595,00
Oxen ShirtOxen Shirt
Oxen Shirt Sale price€525,00
Orchid Shirt
Orchid Shirt Sale price€325,00
Minster ShirtMinster Shirt
Minster Shirt Sale price€540,00
Kurt ShirtBaziszt, Lookbook Spring Summer 2024, Lavender Shirt, Kurt Shirt, Kurt Short
Kurt Shirt Sale price€495,00
Chamade ShirtBaziszt, Lookbook Spring Summer 2024, Chamade Shirt
Chamade Shirt Sale price€365,00
Barrys ShirtBarrys Shirt
Barrys Shirt Sale price€595,00
Sential Shirt
Sential Shirt Sale price€325,00
Stem ShirtBaziszt, Lookbook Spring Summer 2024, Croquet Off-White Tank, Stem Shirt
Stem Shirt Sale price€595,00
Baytee ShirtBaytee Shirt
Baytee Shirt Sale price€315,00
Arabesk ShirtArabesk Shirt
Arabesk Shirt Sale price€495,00
Mooj Shirt BeigeMooj Shirt Beige
Mooj Shirt Beige Sale price€545,00