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Crafted from a blend of natural fibers like cotton, hemp, and artisanal fabrics, a collection of versatile bottoms feature nature-inspired motifs and intricate embroidered botanicals that elevate everyday style.

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Talilo PantsTalilo Pants
Talilo Pants Sale price€310,00
Kati PantsKati Pants
Kati Pants Sale price€410,00
Tabtab PantsTabtab Pants
Tabtab Pants Sale price€265,00
Oxen Pants
Oxen Pants Sale price€495,00
Follow PantsBaziszt, Lookbook Spring Summer 2024, Follow Jacket, Follow Pants
Follow Pants Sale price€750,00
Akel PantsAkel Pants
Akel Pants Sale price€490,00
Kurt ShortBaziszt, Lookbook Spring Summer 2024, Lavender Shirt, Kurt Shirt, Kurt Short
Kurt Short Sale price€295,00
Worksand Pants
Worksand Pants Sale price€430,00
Columbus Pants
Columbus Pants Sale price€395,00
Doulich Pants BlueDoulich Pants Blue
Doulich Pants Blue Sale price€530,00
Talilo ShortTalilo Short
Talilo Short Sale price€195,00
Paws ShortBaziszt, Lookbook Spring Summer 2024, Paws Shirt, Vine Shirt, Vine Short
Paws Short Sale price€215,00
Sold outEnigma ShortBaziszt, Lookbook Spring Summer 2024, Glazing Shirt, Enigma Short
Enigma Short Sale price€495,00